Theatre Magnet

One of the most comprehensive theatre training programs available to high school students in the state of Texas!

Actor Component (3-4 year program)

Year 1 (Freshman): Stage Combat and Movement/Beginning Dance* Student learns basic dance, theatre games, connecting voice to movement, hand-to-hand stage combat, armed combat, basic tumbling, and pantomime. Student will participate in a performance designed to showcase these skills.

Year 2 (Sophomore): Basic Acting Student learns improvisation skills, character development, auditioning techniques, and script interpretation. Student will audition for and be cast in a play designated as part of the show season. Magnet Theatre Supplies

Year 3 (Junior): Directing for the Stage Student learns auditioning techniques for directors, design styles for the theatre, stage blocking and business, theatre program creation, and more. Student will complete a notebook project for use in class as well as college interviews and study playwriting in preparation for senior year activities. Each student will direct a one act play to be presented to the public as part of the theatre season.

Year 4 (Senior): Advanced Acting Theory Student will participate in the creation of an original work for the senior show. Preparation for college auditions (for those moving into post-high school study), theatre appreciation, period acting styles, the business of theatre, and an introduction to acting for the camera are also included.

*Some students may be allowed to enter the magnet their sophomore year without taking the freshman class. This will be based on audition and previous experience.